What Apartment Landlords Can Do to
Mitigate the Impact of COVID-19 on Leasing:

DC, New York and Boston in Focus

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With many universities, including Harvard, planning to go almost entirely online this fall, and with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency announcing that foreign students must leave if their school offers online classes, the impact upon multifamily property owners with a high percentage of student-renters could be massive. Prior to this news, the American Council on Education had predicted that overall international enrollment for the next academic year will decline by as much as 25%. The reality could be far worse.

What can apartment developers and landlords do to address the challenges of leasing vacant units or leasing up new developments? Hear from top owners and experts on how you can mitigate the negative impact on your property.

  • Current data on how large of a problem the shortfall in demand is expected to be
  • Which universities and cities are likely to feel the biggest impact from online classes
  • How is the recent resurgence in COVID infections likely to affect leasing
  • How to deal with renters, particularly students, who renege on their leases
  • Pricing adjustments and incentives you may want to consider
  • Updated riders and cancelation policy recommendations
  • Effective concessions to attract renters from others’ buildings to your building
  • How to protect your property from a sudden mass exodus or non-payment

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Leslie Cohen

Leslie Cohen
Samuels &

Nancy Goldsmith

Nancy Goldsmith
Managing Director
Property Operations

Roxy Wu

Roxy Wu
NY Students /
Overseas Students
Services Corp

Bob Schmidt

Bob Schmidt
Co-Founder & CRO

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Ryan Slack


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