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Real Estate Development, Capital Planning & Asset Renewal
in Light of Recent New York Energy Laws

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Michael Izzo

Michael Izzo
VP – Construction

AJ Pires

AJ Pires
Alloy Development

Adam Shelly

Adam Shelly
Senior Project Development Engineer

Crystal Smith

Crystal Smith
New York Director
Greenworks Lending

Chris Squeo

Chris Squeo
VP – Development & Construction
Taconic Partners

Recent New York building energy regulations have left many building developers, owners and managers confused on what to do, how to comply, what fines they may be facing and how to finance any required building modifications. With the expansion of the new laws to include most buildings over 25,000 square feet, the number of buildings affected has grown significantly. But energy upgrades compete with other capital planning priorities and budget constraints. And with the recent downward pressure on multifamily and office rents, budgets are tighter than they’ve been for a long time. And yet there is only a short timeline until fines are handed out for non-compliance.

How are top New York developers, real estate asset managers and sustainability executives navigating the complexities of renewing their assets and meeting deadlines under the new and updated laws?

  • What are the top real estate retrofit / asset renewal priorities today?
  • How have the pandemic, recent market conditions and rents affected these priorities?
  • What requirements, deadlines and fines are set in the new energy laws?
  • Which incentives are available for upgrades and retrofits?
  • Is electrification really better? When should you move over?
  • What innovative solutions are there for funding capital projects?
  • How can building owners further reduce expenses and improve efficiency?

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