Wes Nichols

Wes Nichols
Founder & CEO
Paramount Property Tax Appeal

Wes brings over a decade of work experience and entrepreneurship in the business development, commercial real estate and property tax reduction fields. His tenacious and passionate work ethic has enabled a substantial growth within his career and the success of his company, he provides a full-service solution with endless opportunities due to the number of properties that need to be appealed and reassessed.

Wes currently serves as Founder & CEO of Paramount Property Tax Appeal, a consulting firm with a concentration in property and business tax reduction. He oversees all evaluations, operations and sales within the company. He is a visionary leader for his staff members, and is a working Principal of the firm, always involved in the details and business strategies for the continued success of the company.

Wes began his business from the ground up from years of research, experience and an innate passion for the knowledge obtained. His company has grown from two to twelve employees in five years. Paramount Property Tax Appeal covers California, Arizona, Hawaii and Nevada. Since its inception Paramount Property Tax Appeal has handled in excess of 10,000 appeals from 300 to 2500 and to date has saved taxpayers in excess of one half billion dollars.

Prior to establishing Paramount Property Tax Appeal Wes was Vice President of Loan Origination for Johnson Capital where he was named Rookie of the Year and closed the most loans in a fiscal year. Prior to this, he was a Residential Mortgage Broker for Paramount Mortgage. Previous to that he served as Director of Business Development at Exprize Foundation. He is a Member of International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) and is a licensed California Real Estate Agent.

His range of work experience also includes Business Development at FoxSports.com and in the ESPN Programming Department. Wes obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business and Sports Communication from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN.

Wes began the firm in 2008 as Paramount Property Tax Adjusters. As the practice began to grow and flourish a partnership was formed with the commercial real estate firm of Lee & Associates in San Diego in 2010 and the firm was rebranded Lee & Associates, Property Tax Appeal. The firm continued to grow and expand and a new division was added to in 2010, the Business Tax Appeal division. With continued growth on the horizon, Wes decided to return the firm to it’s origins and rebranded the company in 2013 to Paramount Property Tax Appeal, to assist in the growth of the company through different and varied business service offerings.

Wes’ entrepreneurial spirit has allowed him to fulfill a service for clients that gives them a true evaluation of their property value, allocating them time, research, and savings. Long-term Wes believes in the continued hard work and dedication within his company to remain viable even in changing market conditions