Walker Molinare

Walker Molinare
Prime Multifamily Investors

Walker Molinare is a founding principal of PRIME and is responsible for acquisitions, equity raising, debt structuring, as well as investor relations. He also serves as a Partner and Senior Advisor at Bristile, the company’s Property Management division. His background includes more than 16 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry. Since the inception of PRIME, he has acted as a Sponsor for an extensive number of multi-family projects, commercial office buildings, as well as mixed-use entities. The multi-faceted aspect of these investments has given Mr. Molinare an extensive background in all aspects of real estate investment, management, construction, and related real estate services. Mr. Molinare’s recent focuses include multi-family renovations and repositioning, as well as the acquisition and redevelopment of historical and other uniquely positioned or located properties. Mr. Molinare helps to ensure that each and every project acquired, is approached with a unique perspective that reflects the intent to create assets capable of providing true value, worthy of long-term investment each of its investors.

Because PRIME is committed to investing heavily in continuing development or our people, Walker works hand-in-hand with PRIME’s Executive Leadership Team to further develop our unique emphasis on the human side of business alit relates to employee engagement, customer experience, and implementing PRIMEls overall corporate strategy. Walker has 10 years of experience in the areas of coaching, communication, and human development potential. Walker also brings a deep knowledge of brand development as in his previous role as Vice President of Commercial Sales at Fortune 500 company, he was tasked with creating the strategic sales, marketing, and advertising plans for the entire division.

Walker is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin University; he holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance & Marketing from the Nelson Rusche College of Business.