Tony Vargas

Tony Vargas
Global Head of Workplace

Tony Vargas is a creative problem solver with a mission to deliver joy at scale through workplace services and culture. He is an innovative thinker and collaborator focused on shaping communities by including all of its members to engage intentionally and recognize meaningful moments and connections in their daily life. He is the Global Head of Workplace at Sprinklr, a provider of enterprise software for unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM).

Before Sprinklr, Tony worked in the entertainment, education and hospitality industries. His background influences how he creates physical and digital spaces that tell the story of the organization, empower people to participate in its culture, and make everyone feel at home.

He is an advocate for individuality within a collective, and understands that the particularities of an individual are the building blocks of a stronger group. In every organization, role, and project, his vision has been that people leave feeling better than they arrived.