Tom Hallock

Tom Hallock
Head of Loan Products

As Head of Loan Products for PeerStreet, Tom leads a team managing existing and developing new lending and business channels for the PeerStreet platform. The Loan Products Team is a cross functional team working with our Lenders and Investor partners to bring innovative, risk based credit solutions to Borrowers and Investors.

Prior to joining PeerStreet, Tom oversaw Genesis Capital lending and credit departments overseeing over $4.4 billion of production and an outstanding portfolio of $1.3 billion. Was directly responsible for the integration of the portfolio into Goldman Sachs Bank and Credit team.

Hired as the 5th employee for American Homes 4 Rent, the Single Family Rental REIT. As SVP Alternative Acquisitions started and was on the board of AMH’s Non-Performing Loan Fund, AMIP. AMIP raised and deployed over $400MM in equity and debt, issuing three securitizations.

A founding member of Granite-Excell Management, a partnership for overseeing and managing over $12 billion of commercial construction loans for the FDIC, including the direct oversight of the FDIC joint venture with Starwood for the purchase of Corus Bank’s $5 billion portfolio.

Tom started his career in real estate lending at Montecito Bank and Trust in Santa Barbara; after-which, I led construction lending start-ups at Countrywide and Affinity Bank.