Steve Kontos

Steve Kontos
Elpitha Solutions

Steve Kontos was born and raised in New York City. His real estate investing began in 2008 when the markets went through the beginning stages of a down spiral. After reviewing endless investment opportunities locally, Steve quickly realized that out of state investing made the most sense.

Steve began purchasing properties in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where the markets there kept stagnant through the turbulent 2008 market. Due to the success of the Pittsburgh portfolio, he continued to expand all across the United States using the same formula. Today his dream team has hundreds of residential units spanning all across the United States.

Steve Kontos feels blessed to have experienced a wide array of different types of property investing. Over the course of the past two decades he has flipped homes, fixed distressed properties, turned around mismanaged properties and helped the development of small communities. He looks forward to continuing his company’s growth in acquiring and maintaining more cash flowing investment properties all around this great country.