Steve Khoshabe

Steve Khoshabe
Founding Partner
Speedwagon Capital Partners

Steve is a founding partner of Speedwagon Capital Partners where he is closely involved in the strategy and execution of Speedwagon’s investment platform.

With nearly 30 years of experience, Steve has been the operator, the investor and sometimes both. Prior to starting Speedwagon in 2007, he was the President/CEO of United Financial Mortgage Corp. During his 11 years, he grew an organization with starting capital of $200,000 into one of the nation’s premier mortgage lenders through organic growth and a series of acquisitions. In December of 2005, he sold the company to a hedge fund.

Steve is passionate about finding opportunities for Speedwagon that not only present the risk/return profile the firm requires but opportunities that the “entire team is passionate about.”

Steve previously taught as an adjunct professor of economics in the graduate program at the Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University of Chicago. He holds a BS from Bradley University and a MBA from Loyola University of Chicago.