Shelby Istrin

Shelby Istrin
Chief Executive Officer
Onyx Relocation

Onyx is a full-service tenant relocation company based in Los Angeles, California. Onyx consultants are experts in laws and regulations, budgets, timeframes, strategies and guidelines for buying-out tenants when landlords are seeking to redevelop existing apartment buildings or remove units from the rental market.

Established in 2015, Onyx has relocated over 2000+ tenants, accounting for nearly a quarter of all buyouts in the city (according to the Housing & Community Investment Department of Los Angeles) with a success rate above 85-90% on qualifying projects.

The founder, Shelby Istrin, brings 7+ years of tenant buyout experience to the table, as well as relationships within the city, and among agents and vendors. She is happy to share her knowledge, experience and input with members of the industry and her consultations provide reassurance to landlords, buyers, broker agents and lenders that each project will be given individual attention and handled with caution and care.