Sal Becovic

Sal Becovic

As president of Becovic, Sal oversees all aspects of the business – operations, development, management, brokerage, construction, deal sourcing and capital raising – focusing primarily on efficiency and growth, where he has a strong track record. Since taking the reins in 2003, Sal has shepherded Becovic through 500% growth, taking the company from a portfolio of 400 units to now more than 2,000 with a growing team of 50 employees.

Commitment to community is at the heart of Becovic because it is deeply rooted in Sal’s DNA. As the US-born child of immigrants, Sal learned the importance of dedication, hard work and leaving a positive impact on everything you do. His parents started the multifamily business in 1973, and Sal saw firsthand the value of reinvesting in buildings and neighborhoods.

Sal is a member of several industry organizations, including Edgewater Uptown Builders Association, Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance, the Chicago Apartment Association (CAA) and Rogers Park Builders Group, where he currently serves as director. Sal attended Northern Illinois University. He lives in Chicago with his wife and young son.