Phil Kirschner

Phil Kirschner
Senior Expert & Associate Partner
McKinsey & Company

Phil is a senior expert in the firm’s Real Estate and People and Organizational Performance Practices. He has led multiple, large-scale workplace transformations, using new occupancy and flexible working policies, modern-space standards, and advances in mobile technologies to address evolving work and workplace preferences, increase workplace utilization, and improve occupancy expense efficiency.

Examples of his recent work include the following:

  • empowering members of the post-COVID-19, future-workplace planning team for a Fortune 500 technology company by developing employee journeys, workplace configuration benchmarks, flexible office and coworking strategies, and remote-working policies
  • inspiring the teleworking and workplace-mobility transformation of a major US state agency through creation of a “north star” vision, increasing capacity of a new headquarters by 30 percent, introducing new collaboration tools, and fostering a culture of increased innovation and risk taking
  • leading the executive and employee discovery activities to define a “footprint for the future” for the corporate HQ of a real-estate developer with $45 billion in assets under management; redesigned the employee and client experience, embedded a community-connection team and “living lab” for piloting new workplace technologies
  • creating an industry-leading “smart working” program for a global financial-services firm that improved employee engagement, reduced voluntary attrition, and increased building capacity for over 15,000 staff in seven countries

Prior to McKinsey, Phil was a workplace strategy executive at WeWork Management, Jones Lang LaSalle, and Credit Suisse Group.