Natalie Diaz

Natalie Diaz
Chief of Staff
Time Equities

Natalie Diaz joined Time Equities Inc. (TEI) in 2011 as the Executive Assistant to the CEO and Director of Public Relations, and is now Chief of Staff. In her role as COS, Diaz’s primary responsibility is to work with both the CEO and President of TEI to create and/or refine company-wide policies and procedures to support efficient internal operations and interdepartmental communication. Diaz oversees all marketing and communications for the firm, as well as Human Resources. She also sits on TEI’s Executive Committee to guide the long-term vision and organizational structure of the company, and is an integral member of ongoing succession and transition planning for the firm. Diaz does a lot of writing for TEI’s legendary CEO and Founder Francis Greenburger, preps him for speaking engagements, and manages his extensive [personal] political giving and overall political strategy. She also supports Greenburger’s personnel management and project management. She received her undergraduate degree from Williams College and lives in Manhattan. Outside of work, Diaz is an active member of the Williams Black Alumni Network and currently mentors a female Williams student.

Diaz founded TEI Connect, the first official mentorship program in TEI’s 52-year history, in 2016. Diaz saw a need to transfer skills and institutional knowledge from many of TEI’s longtime employees to the newer generation, while also supporting the company’s promising younger and newer employees. Diaz also felt the need to support the growth of women in the company to realize more women in higher levels throughout the company. The mentorship program aims to bring employees together across departments to improve the sharing of information, cultivation of skills and communication of best practices throughout the company. TEI Connect has since operated four cycles of the program with participation from approximately 40% of all employees. Diaz has served as a mentor in nearly every cycle, fostering significant connections across departments, especially for the firm’s women. Diaz’s favorite outcome of her mentorship is that by encouraging one of her mentees, a member of TEI’s accounting department who wanted to learn more about real estate, she was able to help her mentee earn a broker’s license, which in turn instilled a new confidence, agency, and industry knowledge for that employee.

In 2019, Diaz founded the Women’s Equity Committee (WEC) at TEI, comprised of women from all different levels in the company. While WEC’s primary focus is gender equity at TEI, Diaz and her team’s efforts are intersectional and will be applied to TEI’s broader vision of maintaining a high level of diversity across the company, benefiting all employees.