Mike Krause

Mike Krause
Atrium Management

In his 16 years in property management Michael Krause has managed over 15,000 units across 22 different states. Michael has always put a strong emphasis in team building and creating a positive working environment. Through his leadership Michael has helped many of his coworkers advance in their fields, and move into leadership roles of their own.

Michael believes in surrounding himself with great people, and thrives on networking and making new meaningful relationships. Michael currently serves on multiple industry related boards and committees, and has recently been recognized with multiple awards within those organizations: 2019 Central Florida NARPM President. 2018 Central Florida NARPM President Elect. 2018 Florida State NARPM Affiliates Chair. 2016 and 2017 Central Florida NARPM Preferred Partner Chair. 2016 Central Florida NARPM Rising Star award winner. 2017 and 2018 National NARPM Ad Hock Group Membership Committee. 2019 BNI Chapter Education Coordinator. 2018 BNI Chapter President. 2016 BNI award winner for the highest number of referrals in the state of Florida. 2016, 2017 and 2019 BNI Chapter Education Coordinator and 2016 BNI Chapter Member of the year.

Michael started his career in property management in Ohio in 2003, working for the third largest firm in America at the time, AIMCO. He worked his way up from an entry level position to property manager of the largest property that AIMCO owned in Columbus, Ohio at the time. In 2008 the property he was managing was acquired by JRK Residential, a young and extremely profitable private equity firm out of Los Angeles, California. In 2011 Michael took a promotion to Area Manger of Central Florida, covering Orlando, Tampa, and eventually Jacksonville. In 2012 Michael was promoted to Regional Manager covering Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Sarasota, and eventually Philadelphia, PA and Savannah, GA.

In 2014 Michael moved to Boston to cover a large territory consisting of crucial new takeover properties in Boston, MA, Hartford, CT, Stamford, CT, Long Island, NY, and Philadelphia, PA. After he and his business partner Adam purchased Atrium Management at the end of 2014 Michael moved back to help run the company in January of 2015.

During his time in property management Michael has hired 120+ employees and managed 250+ employees. He has conducted over 800 new hire interviews, and has developed a keen eye for spotting new talent. He and his partner Adam are now focused on surrounding themselves with great people to help Atrium Management Company become the best property management company in the state of Florida.