Michelle Beganskas

Michelle Beganskas
Senior Manager of Workplace Strategy
Ted Moudis Associates

Michelle brings a holistic, cross-disciplinary perspective to her projects that intricately weaves workplace strategy and change management with sustainable interior design practices. As Senior Manager of Workplace Strategy, she works with clients to understand employees’ needs and ways of working through detailed data collection including observations, visioning sessions, focus groups, interviews, and ideation workshops. She then uses this information, coupled with her interior design expertise, to provide innovative and tailored workplace recommendations.

Michelle can also integrate change management support into her projects in ways that feel natural and engaging and are in line with the project schedule.

As a WELL Accredited Professional and a Fitwel Ambassador with a master’s degree in Sustainable Interior Environments, Michelle is knowledgeable and passionate about promoting human health and well-being through workplace strategy and interior design. She has a keen insight into how the physical environment can promote employee well-being and productivity while supporting organizational goals.