Michael Rothman

Michael Rothman
Chief Executive Officer
Second Avenue Group

Michael Rothman is the Co-Founder of Second Avenue and serves as its CEO.

Mr. Rothman has 35 years of experience in the industrial service sector and 15 years in the retail services industry.

Mr. Rothman founded SMS Assist, L.L.C. (“SMS Assist”) in 2003 and served as its CEO until May 2017. In 2016, SMS Assist received a Series D round funding at a $1B valuation with Goldman Sachs. In the same year, Mr. Rothman was named a Midwest Entrepreneur of the Year and a national finalist by Ernst & Young.

Mr. Rothman transformed the business from a traditional brick and mortar service company into an advanced technology company who’s mobile and cloud-based facilities maintenance platform manages over 20,000 affiliated providers to service a nationwide roster of Fortune 500 retail, REIT, and industrial clients representing over 250,000 locations. SMS Assist has received the Momentum Award for its technology.

Since its founding, Mr. Rothman has continued to serve as SMS Assist’s Chairman.