Michael Demetriou

Michael Demetriou
President & CEO
Opear MD

His incredible journey began with childhood poverty and homelessness, but also the strength and support of a single mother who inspired him to dream big and help others.

Transforming his life and achieving success and acclaim in real estate, Michael’s greatest achievement came when he became a father. But when his wife experienced an unexpected struggle with severe postpartum depression alongside the loss of her father, he learned a valuable lesson: you might be independent, and you might be “a giver”, but no matter who you are, we all need a hand sometimes.

Michael founded Opear as a childcare app in 2015 to be that source of care and support. Like all good things, the app has evolved since then, growing from childcare, to pediatric care, to tech-enabled healthcare for all ages.

Today, Opear’s app brings telemedicine and house calls to patients across the country, using technology to eliminate the pain points of an outdated healthcare system.