Kari Negri

Kari Negri
Chief Executive Officer
SKY Properties

Name any aspect of the complex world of property management and Kari Negri has been at the forefront, forging new ground, fighting for the rights of property owners and tenants alike, adding value, and making a significant difference. With a strong background in management, Kari founded SKY Properties, Inc. in 1997 to offer hands-on, boutique-level property management at a competitive price for multi-tenant property owners. Widely recognized within the property management industry as a leading provider of full-service property management, SKY Properties, Inc. thrives on quality customer service for property owners and tenants while optimizing property cash flow and streamlining leasing and maintenance. The company has been nominated multiple times over the past several years as Property Management Company of the Year, winning the coveted award in 2008, 2009 and 2012. The success of the company is directly linked to the growing reputation of Ms. Negri, the company’s CEO.

While some executives operate on a 40-hour work-week, Kari has obviously contracted with higher sources to find extra hours in the weekly schedule because she has also taken on multiple community duties on top of her intense work schedule. She sat on the Board of Directors for the Apartment Association, California Southern Cities (AACSC), where she was the VP of National Legislation and a frequent flyer to both Sacramento and Washington, D.C. as the CA Advocate. She is the Vice President on the Board of the East Valley Police Activity League Supporters (PALS) and she is the past President of the Official California Apartment Journal (OCAJ), where she was responsible for the monthly magazine. Currently is proudly a Board Member for the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles (AAGLA) and is the Co-Chair of State Legislation. Now in 2019 and 2020 she is the Delegate to the National Apartment Association NAA as a representative of AAGLA and has also been chosen to serve on the Independent Rental Owners Committee at NAA.

For over a decade, Kari has had a monthly article in AAGLA’s magazine called “ask Kari”. Ask Kari focuses on multiple topics impacting property owners. She is frequently approached by people wanting more of the useful articles and her wide-knowledge of current issues in the industry. Her website SKYpropertiesinc.com publishes a video each month for owners of apartment buildings. Kari is a highly-sought-after speaker at several trade shows throughout the country, touted as a multi-family real estate expert; she is an instructor for continuing education courses including SCEP, she holds a real estate Broker’s license, she is also active in her community and is the current President of the Toluca Lake voluntary homeowners association (TLHOA) in 2020.

Kari herself is a building owner, and a mother of two. SKY Properties, Inc. has become synonymous with limitless energy, service and the constant striving for excellence. Constantly leading from the front, Kari sets a shining example for her employees, her clients, her tenants and her industry colleagues.