Josh Draughn

Josh Draughn
Head of Marketing and Customer Experience
Weidner Apartment Homes

Josh Draughn, VP of Marketing & Customer Experience at Weidner Apartment Homes in Seattle, WA.

Josh entered the property management industry in 2008 as an onsite team member and Marketing Ambassador. Since then, his ability to provide excellent customer service, effective brand management, and innovative marketing tactics have resulted in a successful 16-year-long career in property management marketing. Josh has taken his talents to some of the biggest names in multifamily housing organizations, including Riverstone Residential Group/Greystar, Cortland Partners, and Weidner Apartment Homes, the 15th largest multifamily owner-operator in the U.S with 67,000 units.

At Weidner Apartment Homes, Josh is responsible for the six internal teams; lead generation, revenue management, resident services, customer experience, creative services, and Weidner’s contact center. Josh has been selected for multiple awards throughout his career, including Marketing Executive of the Year from MulitHousing News. He has also made several pivots to keep up with the age of digital leasing, including website migrations, CPMI reporting connected to real-time BI tooling, and cross-integrating technology stacks to track multi-lead attribution while prioritizing reputation and the customer’s experience across the board.