Jordan Kavana

Jordan Kavana
Founder & CEO
Transcendent Investment Management

Jordan Kavana is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Transcendent Investment Management, and The Real Estate Family Office (REFO), a direct investment real estate advisor. Mr. Kavana develops customized real estate portfolio solutions for onshore and offshore families across the income-producing residential and commercial asset classes offering Transcendent’s own strategies as well as those offered by a carefully vetted group of outside real estate investment managers across the United States.

Mr. Kavana has over 15 years of experience in managing property portfolios and evaluating, structuring and executing real estate transactions in the United States and abroad. He began his career in the finance and operations with one of South America’s largest vacation property developers before returning to the United States to analyze real estate investments for Morgan Stanley’s private wealth management division.

Subsequently, Mr. Kavana managed family real estate investments and development projects and founded an Asia-based consumer electronics company, developing an award-winning product line and growing sales to $40m while building a first class customer base which included retailers Best Buy and Wal-Mart. After exiting his overseas investments, he served as Managing Partner of JL Real Ventures, a private equity fund that assembled a portfolio of multi-family properties in the Southeast United States. Mr. Kavana still owns JL Real Ventures and is a director in family owned K-Group Holdings.

In 2009, Mr. Kavana founded Build U.S. Back, a vertically integrated platform that evaluates, acquires, renovates, manages and leases single family homes throughout the United States. Mr. Kavana operates the business via an integrated infrastructure with offices in Florida and Georgia and anticipates managing assets in excess of $750 Million in residential real estate holdings by 2017. Transcendent’s Build U.S. Back (“BUSB”) is a recognized brand, focused on the asset management cycle that seeks to return Americans to home ownership. The BUSB brand allows Transcendent to integrate operations, construction, realty, and title services and was the subject of a case study awarded by Harvard Business School.