John Rusk

John Rusk

John Rusk is the founder of ProSentry, a building monitoring platform that brings the best of LoRaWAN solutions from providers around the world onto a single, simple to use platform designed for Multi-Dwelling use.

Solutions include water, gas and oil leak detection, mechanical malfunctions, doors ajar, smoking and vaping, steam trap malfunctions, mouse traps, utility monitoring, and a full range of commercial quality valves.

ProSentry is a scalable, modular system that solves buildings’ current needs while giving them full flexibility to address issues in the future. The system is currently installed in residential and commercial buildings in New York City for many of the major property management companies. ProSentry won the Real Estate Development (RED) Awards New Technology of the Year in 2022.

John is an internationally recognized builder, working in residential and commercial multi-dwelling buildings in New York since 1986. He teaches at Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies, and is a respected Mediator and Arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association where he has learned a great deal about leaks, mechanical malfunctions and mold. He speaks and testifies regularly on bringing cost-efficient leak detection solutions to multi-dwelling buildings to save money, time, and lives.

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