Joanna Mulford

Joanna Mulford
Portfolio Manager & CFO
PGIM Real Estate

Joanna Mulford is a managing director at PGIM Real Estate and the portfolio manager and chief financial officer for PRISA, PGIM Real Estate’s flagship U.S. core equity real estate fund. Based in Madison, New Jersey, Joanna is involved in all aspects of managing the fund including portfolio strategy, making investment decisions and management of the PRISA team. As CFO, Joanna has primary responsibility for developing and executing the fund’s capital strategy and oversight of financial operations and tax structuring. Prior to joining the PRISA team in 2008, Joanna was responsible for U.S. real estate investment sales on behalf of PGIM Real Estate’s clients.

During her tenure with PGIM Real Estate, Joanna has served as the portfolio manager of several closed-end funds, including a value-add strategy with a private REIT structure. Joanna also helped launch PGIM Real Estate’s debt investment platform, raising investor capital for and managing its first mezzanine fund. Prior to this, she was responsible for the asset management of a portfolio of commercial real estate investments including office, apartment, retail, storage and industrial property types and mezzanine loans.

Before joining PGIM Real Estate in 1997, Joanna was a member of Prudential Financial, Inc.’s Private Equity group, working on behalf of the company’s domestic and international subsidiaries investing in private equity transactions. Previously, she was a member of the Comptrollers unit of the Prudential Asset Management Company since joining the firm in January of 1990. Joanna provided support to several of Prudential’s money management subsidiaries investing in both public and private equities.

Joanna has a bachelor’s degree in finance and management and a master of business administration from Rutgers University.