Jim Hayhurst

Jim Hayhurst
Builder Developer Manager
Central Florida
Florida Public Utilities

Jim is an experienced, innovative strategist and a results-oriented executive with a well-established track record as a forward-thinking leader, and a 20-year member of the Florida Natural Gas Association (FNGA). He successfully planned, implemented and achieved asset and revenue growth associated with the creation of AQUA STREAM Centralized Water Heating System for the natural and propane gas energy space. His excellent reputation highlights his strength as a relationship builder and key accounts executive. The extensive experience that Jim brings to our organization combine with his commitment to the company’s mission, vision and values, has brought a fresh insight to his position as Builder/Developer Account Manager.

Prior to his employment with Florida Public Utilities, Jim provided a wide range of consulting and marketing services as President owner of Gas Power Solutions, Inc., as well as President / CEO at All-In-One Fuel, Inc., a CNG and LNG Services Company. Prior to that he was employed by TECO Peoples Gas in Orlando, Florida for 17 years.

Jim is married to his wife of 33years and has two daughters.