Jessica Eaton

Jessica Eaton
Managing Director
Cushman & Wakefield

Dynamic operations executive experienced in driving organizational development through strategic planning, timely process improvements, and a commitment to employee development. Experience managing onsite and regional operations and large-scale projects that meet scope, quality, budget, and time goals.

Creative thinker who proactively seeks to improve operational efficiency, quality, and effectiveness. Knows how to leverage innovative methods and technology to solve problems and minimize risks to scale and grow an organization.

Confident decision-maker skilled at diplomatically influencing others to gain consensus. Champion scalability initiatives, make impactful changes and generate continuous fast-paced growth and success in people, processes, and organizations.

Committed alliance builder and coalition creator who is known to engage and collaborate with C-Suite executives, stakeholders, internal and external partners, and vendors. Known for building strong cross-functional partnerships across the organization to advance projects and execute enterprise-wide initiatives.

Dedicated “team-first” leader adept at developing both high-performing teams and unique individual contributors. Keep employees engaged and aligned with organizational vision, mission, and initiatives through coaching, development, and systematic goal-setting.

Career Highlights:
• Project Management: Orchestrated the SaaS software deployment of over 30 platforms; converted core property management software for over 10K units; ensured all policies, procedures, and workflows were up to date for 350+ employees in over 30 field offices across 2 states.
• Risk Management & Regulatory Compliance: Built and led the team to collect rent assistance funds to offset Covid-19 rent delinquency. Monitored and established compliance protocols for local, state, and federal laws in collaboration with internal and external legal counsel and senior and executive leadership.
• Strategic Growth: Doubled the number of units from 7K to 14K over 9 years and consolidated 4 regional operations under 1 standard umbrella to sustain growth.
• Process Improvement: Examined current practices continuously to identify improvements. Implemented Helpdesk ticketing system to automatically process and correctly route all requests, reducing processing time and increasing support quality.