Jeronimo Hirschfeld

Jeronimo Hirschfeld
Chief Executive Officer
One Real Estate Investment

Jeronimo Hirschfeld is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of One Real Estate Investment (OREI). Under his direction, the Company has acquired and manages a portfolio valued at over $1 Billion. He is a leading developer and sophisticated investor with seats on the Boards of a number of highly successful real estate-oriented companies. “Real estate is a market that changes on a daily basis,” says Mr. Hirschfeld. “That is why I surround myself with the brightest minds available, bringing them together in an environment where they have access to the best resources.”

A native of Mexico City, Mr. Hirschfeld literally grew up in the real estate industry, working as a young man in his family’s highly successful residential building and development company before coming to Florida and graduating with a BA degree in Business & Finance from the University of Miami. Since that time he has been involved in virtually every sector of his chosen industry, with emphasis on strategic direction and finance as well as the pursuit of interesting and financially rewarding new opportunities across the real estate spectrum. Over the years he has received numerous honors for his business acumen, including recognition by Haute Living magazine as “the Miami businessman and developer who can turn an empty space into an opportunity”.

In his continuing quest for higher yields for clients, as well as new opportunities in the ever changing real estate world, Mr. Hirschfeld recently attended an exclusive Executive Real Estate Seminar at Harvard University’s School of Business. The multidisciplinary finance and leadership program is designed to enable participants to better navigate global real estate markets and to position their individual organization for strategic advantage.

Today, Mr. Hirschfield’s firm is composed of experienced real estate professionals who work full time on the management of company properties, allowing him to continue to successfully seek out new investments and effectively grow One Real Estate Investment’s outstanding real estate portfolio.