Jeff Klotz

Jeff Klotz
Chief Executive Officer
Klotz Group of Companies

Jeff Klotz is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Klotz Group of Companies. The Klotz Group of Companies is a vertically integrated private equity real estate investment platform serving as the parent company for a group of operating subsidiaries, investment partnerships, funds, and ventures. Originally acquired in 1995 by Jeff as NPI services then later evolved into The Klotz Group of Companies, the company’s investments have included over 125,000 apartment units, forty-three ground-up developments and numerous other projects in e-commerce, healthcare, printing, manufacturing, and marketing. The Klotz Group of Companies operates throughout the Southeast with its corporate headquarters in Atlantic Beach, FL.

Jeff’s success began during his high school days where Jeff started an investment real estate business purchasing single-family properties. The business quickly grew to a portfolio of thirty homes and this success led to the acquisition of several supporting businesses including construction and property management. By the early 2000’s Jeff had hired more than 250 employees to service his growing portfolio and became the third largest company in Jacksonville and one of the “fastest growing businesses of 2000” to manage, repair, and renovate for the multifamily industry.

Today Jeff’s cumulative success has resulted in significant real estate and investment holdings with a portfolio valued at over $3 billion, an executive, corporate and operational staff of more than 1,100 employees, and hundreds of various awards and recognitions. Jeff’s ability to formulate a paradigm that generates exponential success and value creation has earned the attention, respect, and confidence of some of the world’s most prominent investors and industry leaders.