Jeanette Wolfe

Jeanette Wolfe
Chief Experience Officer
Maximus Real Estate Partners

Jeanette is leading expert in driving organizational, community, and individual well-being.

As a sought-after facilitator, producer, and well-being entrepreneur with clients ranging from Fortune-500 companies, world-class brands, social and environmental nonprofits, and underserved communities, Jeanette leads at Maximus Real Estate Partners as Chief Experience Officer where immediately upon mandate issuance at lock down onset, she reflected on how their approach could evolve to support residents and staff, and expediently formatted operational flow to redefine the definitions of landlord and tenant relationship to one of complete mutual reciprocity and human centrics. Maximus’ precedent setting focus on financial and mental health counseling proved priceless in supporting community.

Jeanette has contributed to industry leaders such as Related, Hudson Yards, The Bronx Terminal Market, Johnson and Johnson, Novo Nordisk, The Girls Scouts of America, The United Nations, Missoni, West Point Stevens, Waldorf Schools, Ralph Lauren, and Martha Stewart, Parkmerced, Maximus Real Estate Partners, Credit Suisse, Toblerone and more.

She’s mentored hundreds of thousands students, including high-integrity CEOs, Venture Capitalists, entrepreneurs, business owners, educators, learning facilities and C-suite executives globally as a behaviorist and futures strategist and neurolinguistic.

Jeanette delivers research, insight, intimate ergonomic and health direction across all lifestyle industries providing Cultural Transformation, Leadership Mentoring, Biophilic Design, Sensory Marketing & Branding, Neuro-Linguistic based communications, decoding trends and Life Design focused on Human Evolution.

Planet Apothecary provides bespoke Sensory Design profiles which are the blueprint for “Whole BEING Customized Consultancy” for individuals, families, corporations, convention centers, retailers, municipalities as well as learning institutions and clinical settings.

Whether delivering forecasting and insight presentations, designing or curating Sensory DNA diets, menus, products and spaces, her expertise and neuroscience based approach to Whole Living is heartfelt and intuitive.