Greg Vilkin

Greg Vilkin
Universal Paragon

Universal Paragon Corporation (UPC) is committed to a higher level of thought about the communities that we create. We recognize that in order to solve the great climate challenges we have, we need to make changes to the way we live. We no longer can environmentally afford the continued development of Greenfields. We must start to recycle and reuse land that is infill and adjacent to transit.

Most of that land has environmental challenges and is currently used as industrial land and by definition is a Brownfield. That is where we choose to develop. It is more complicated, it is more costly and it is more challenging to reuse land and increase the density for the adjacent community. BUT it is necessary that we build our way out of the problems we created during the 20th century. That is our mission and one that we are excited about tackling. The result of those efforts will mean a better and brighter future for the San Francisco and Brisbane communities, delivered by a team of highly committed and experienced professionals in sustainable development practices and projects.

This vision capitalizes on the benefits of the strategic location of the properties owned by UPC, Transit adjacent and minutes away from Downtown San Francisco, and adjacent to major job centers located on the Peninsula. That location when integrated with cutting-edge trends in sustainable design, transit oriented districts, multi-modal transportation, and livability and convenience of being able to work-live-shop as a pedestrian allows us to break our dependence on the automobile.

Our goal is to align our core values with the greater community, to whom we aim to serve, and with their help and assistance create a place that is better, safer and more sustainable than when we found it. By increasing our density in this way and providing an alternative to being car dependent we can positively impact our collective footprint and make a difference.