George Webb

George Webb
Chief Executive Officer

I graduated from Stanford in 1990 with degrees in Electrical Engineering and History, then worked in the tech industry between 1990 and 2005, while simultaneously founding The Stratford Company (now Bode) to channel my entrepreneurial energy. At Microsoft I led a variety of entrepreuneurial product development and business teams.

We started out actively managing and improving single family homes and smaller multi family properties. We were “hands on” doing everything that needed to be done, which remains a core philosophy of the company today. We were self-funded from modest personal means, followed by many years of working with “friends and family” partners, followed most recently following the sale of our last partnership project by being fully internally capitalized.

In 2005 I left Microsoft to focus exclusively on our growing real estate business. That year we launched The Stratford Fund I, a private equity real estate fund in which I was the lead investor. Over the years, we formed vertically integrated affiliates in development, construction, property management, and fund management.

In the past we have completed successful projects in a variety of asset classes including office, senior housing, retail, and land development, though our deepest expertise continues to be in multi-family. We have further honed our focus recently to the area of our deepest experience and expertise – attainably priced multi-family housing. We usually have 20-30 projects in our portfolio.

I live in the Seattle area with my wife and four kids. In addition to my CEO role, I co-founded and still serve on the Board of PlaceFull Inc and served on the Board as Chair, Vice Chair, and Finance Committee Chair of The Evergreen School. I enjoy travel, tennis, and spending time with my wife and kids.