George Lintz

George Lintz
Bellaire Partners

President and Founder of The Bellaire Group of Companies in 2009, starting with Bellaire Real Estate Investment Trust, a private REIT that invests in real estate debt and equity investments. Bellaire began investing in high yielding apartment buildings in California. In 2014, moved its focus to the Dallas-Fort Worth market.

Mr. Lintz is President of Bellaire Services Corporation and BRC Commercial Bridge Fund. Bellaire Services Corporation acts as a sponsor to various multifamily real estate investments and is a managing member of Belliare Partners. BRC Commercial Bridge Fund is a small balance private money lender, servicing developers of commercial and residential properties in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Mr. Lintz earned his MBA from New York University Stern School of Business in 1984. He founded the investment banking firm, Lintz Glover White & Company in 1986; and over the next 14 years advised real estate, corporate and municipal transactions. In 1994, he was appointed by the California State Senate to serve as an advisor to the Local Government Investment Committee and assisted in authoring the legislation that governs the investment practices of California local governments.