Eric Masi

Eric Masi
Principal & Executive Creative Director

Nearly three decades ago, with an artist’s heart, a real estate heritage, and no socks, Eric Masi left his ad agency job and co-founded Torque, pursuing his passion to create a more collaborative and exciting kind of real estate marketing.

As both a designer and business-owner, Eric brings his unique perspective to all aspects of the business, making our business strategies more creative and our creative output more strategic. He has helped lead major developers, ownership groups, leasing teams and marketing departments around the country in the quest to differentiate properties and attract residents/tenants.

Eric leads his wild and wooly team of creatives and creative partners in unexpected ways of going to market – whether through digital programs, guerilla marketing ideas or fostering community. His passion is to bring a sense of purpose to space – and to push the envelope on communicating the essence of a building.