David Neale

David Neale
President & CEO
Core Companies

David Neale’s career in real property development began in Canada in 1970 where he developed skills as an executive of Town and Commercial Properties, LTD, a large UK public real estate development company, with a local office in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Amongst these activities he was responsible for the development of a large land subdivision, home construction and the asset management of a high-rise apartment complex. He became President of the Canada operations.

In 1974 he left the employment of TCP to found Claremont Development Corporation in Montreal to purchase and develop an acquisition of a 40-acre land tract, which he developed and sold. In addition the company invested in rehabilitation, lease, and sale of several historical underutilized commercial buildings in Old Montreal, converting them to residential apartments.

In 1978, following the establishment of an “independence” political party in Quebec, he moved to the United States as a permanent resident, became a US citizen, and founded Fountain Lane Properties Ltd. Located in downtown San Jose the company developed high density residential work force housing in and around the City’s downtown core area. He developed a very close working relationship with the City agencies including the local redevelopment agency in helping to revitalize the downtown core area and surrounding neighborhoods. This close working relationship and a demonstrated commitment to excellence have resulted in FLP and Core obtaining in excess of $100,000,000 in funding assistance for affordable and work force housing in San Jose.

David is an active member of the team at Core and has general responsibility for the companies. Chris Neale, his son, is actively leading the growth and activities of the Development Companies and Chrissie Davis is Director of Operations for Core Builders who manages the construction activities of the organization. These activates have generated over 2,000 apartments and single family homes.