Dave Wildman

Dave Wildman
Global Head of Facilities

Dave Wildman leads the Facilities and Sustainability teams at Bloomberg – namely the teams managing the operational aspects of Bloomberg’s world class locations – particularly the datacenter spaces. Dave’s teams support multiple groups worldwide to ensure customer and employee experience, system functionality, resiliency and redundancy across Bloomberg’s data centers and offices.

Dave had led hundreds of infrastructure projects across Europe, Middle East & Africa before coming to the U.S. from London. Since relocating in 2008 he and his team lead projects associated with Super Storm Sandy resiliency, multiple data center builds, numerous solar installs, air purification, and the usual KTLO projects. A flagship project was the opening of the new Bloomberg London headquarters with 7MW of critical capacity, its commissioning, through move-in operations, and the building receiving the highest BREAAM rating ever for a major office build. An infrastructure guy at heart, in 2019 Dave added the rest of the facilities world to his portfolio – a natural expansion to his engineering focus. With responsibility for the Sustainability team, Dave is proud to support and lead Bloomberg’s corporate efforts to make our operations more sustainable – and become a net-zero company by 2025.

His key focus these days is his people – namely building and managing the high-performance teams that support the joint mission. COVID-19 brought new challenges to that team – challenges they meet daily.

With an Executive MBA from Cornell University, he is also a Certified DoE Data Center Energy Practitioner, a Certified Data Center Design Professional, a member of MIET, IEEE and ASHRAE. He began his career in telecommunications at British Telecom International as a network engineer.

Today Dave lives in New York’s financial district. Serves on the board of a supplemental educational non-profit in Harlem that’s focused on getting middle and high school children to and through college. He’s a senior mentor with a non-profit organization through Bloomberg that works with the previously justice-involved to help them find employment opportunities through skills training and mentorship.