Dave Augustine

Dave Augustine
Director of Sales
Blue Stream Fiber

Throughout his dynamic 25 career in telecommunications and technology, Dave has consistently excelled in driving sales and business development initiatives. His journey began at Verizon, where he honed his expertise as a Sales Consultant, mastering the art of nurturing long-lasting client relationships and surpassing revenue targets. After advancing to management, Dave led several successful teams, emphasizing the importance of enhancing the customer experience.

Fueled by his entrepreneurial spirit, Dave co-founded Velocity Managed Services, where, as Managing Partner, he played a pivotal role in establishing the company as a trusted provider of comprehensive managed services solutions. He drove growth through strategic partnerships and innovative offerings, always with a focus on improving the customer journey.

At Comcast Business, Dave further expanded his leadership capabilities as an Enterprise Account Executive, specializing in fostering strategic relationships with enterprise clients and spearheading initiatives aimed at elevating the customer experience and driving revenue growth.

Currently serving as the Director of Multifamily Sales at Blue Stream Fiber, Dave continues to excel in driving sales performance and implementing market expansion strategies. Leveraging his extensive industry knowledge and leadership acumen, he solidifies Blue Stream Fiber’s position as a leader in multifamily telecommunications, helping owners maximize revenue opportunities and enhancing the resident experience at every turn.

Throughout his career, Dave has demonstrated unwavering commitment to excellence, a strategic approach to business development, and a passion for driving transformative outcomes for clients and organizations alike, with a keen eye on improving the customer experience.