Darla Dillon

Darla Dillon
Director – Interior Design & Architecture

Darla is the Vice President of Interior Design and Architecture, leading a talented team of designers and architects in all aspects of design. In 2013, Darla worked as the sole designer with a third party company and quickly established a name for herself and built a relationship with what was then a budding development firm. She was brought in-house to develop the interior design arm of the firm. Over the past seven years, she has managed more than 40 designers, architects, BIM specialists, visualization artists, and business and procurement teams as well as a product development team.

With her extensive knowledge, experience, and passion for design and architecture, Darla has developed a talented team of professionals over the years. She continually teaches and mentors her colleagues, both personally and professionally, to grow and develop their skills. Darla also established the firm’s building information modeling (BIM) program, which has been implemented throughout the organization in every department involved in the process.

Her love of design started at a young age. As a child, Darla recalls her grandmother always dressed to the nines, and her home’s entryway was full of antique mirrors, a smaller scale of The Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles. When Darla thinks of her grandmother’s house and the little touches she added, it will forever connect Darla to the world of design.

After graduating from the Art Institute of Dallas, with a bachelor’s degree in interior design, Darla began her career working in high-end residential design. Several of the designs she worked on were near limitless, allowing her creativity and imagination to soar. From waterfront properties to vacation homes, Darla created designs that incorporated both the flow and usability of the space as well as clients’ wants, needs, and vision.

Darla still loves to dig into the design details, lending her knowledge and experience to her designers and assisting in special design projects. Whether she is providing insight on materials selections, the flow and functionality of a space, or influencing design trends and techniques. Design runs in her veins.