CJ Edmonds

CJ Edmonds
Chief Revenue Officer

CJ Edmonds is an accomplished, client-driven executive with over 24 years of management experience primarily in the Internet and wireless industries. Starting his professional career as a CPA and auditor earned him solid qualifications in all core business functions. CJ is a dynamic leader with an unmatched ability to build team cohesion and inspire individuals to strive toward higher levels of achievement and personal development. He sets aggressive goals, delivers creative solutions, and superior results.

CJ believes that profitable growth is directly correlated with efficient operations, well-managed finances, and robust sales. Through CJ’s many years of management, he has lived by his Philosophy: Inspire people to identify with company and team goals and go the extra mile to ensure success.

From 1995 to 2004 CJ worked in the early stages of Internet companies NTT/Verio and You Networks (as a founder) and wireless companies VoiceStream Wireless, Nextel Communications, and OneComm. CJ helped these companies create and launch new markets and products, structure sales, support and operations teams, and grow revenue from under $100,000 to over $200 Million.

From 2004 to 2010, CJ has worked with many early-stage companies assisting them with business creation and strategy, budgeting and finance, staff development, and sales and marketing. CJ created and executed sales initiatives and support procedures at SureID resulting in revenue growth from $0 to $3.7 million.

From 2010-2019 CJ led the National Sales Team at G5 with a consistent track record of 25%+ YOY growth resulting in the company growing from $5.5M to $40M.

In 2019 he was recruited to be the CEO of Caligoo and help establish the company in the US.

CJ Joined SmartRent in 2020 to lead the charge in growing overall revenue in the business.

Specialties: Executive Leadership, Sales Leadership, Client Success, Finance, Contract Negotiations…all about the EQ.