Chris Barsness

Chris Barsness
Patel Law Group

Chris has been working in corporate, securities, and business matters since 2002. Chris has worked on a range of securities matters for both private and public companies, including hundreds of debt, equity, and hybrid Reg. D private offerings, including over 100 single asset offerings, and the creation of over 20 blind pool funds. Chris also served as an adjunct professor of securities law at the University of California – Irvine School of Law.

He has worked with numerous start-ups, emerging growth, and mid-sized companies on contracts, capital raises, securities offerings, public reporting, and various securities and business issues. This includes working both buy-side and sell-side on M&A transactions as the lead in deals from $200,000 to $162 million and taking companies public as both general counsel and chief financial officer. He has worked with individuals and businesses on other issues such as Chapter 7, 13, and 11 bankruptcy matters, real estate issues, employment matters, and litigation.

Chris is very interested in new technologies and the cleantech space, as well as venture capital and finance. Chris spent the last 18 years practicing law in California and has brought his experience and family to the growing economy of Texas.