Ashok Kumar

Ash Kumar
Chief Executive Officer
Ashford Communities

Ashok Kumar began buying apartment properties while studying at the University of Regina in Canada. After graduation in 1978, he concentrated full time on a career in real estate brokerage and investment. Mr. Kumar became successful by analyzing each property, improving the properties to increase occupancy levels, and then selling them as the economy improved.

In addition to his brokerage activities, Mr. Kumar started a property management company to oversee his properties and those of selected clients. Before moving his operations to the United States, Mr. Kumar researched several metropolitan areas across the USA. He chose Houston because his research indicated that property values in the Houston market had the best potential for large value increases.

In 1998, Mr. Kumar sold his Canadian properties and moved his family to the Houston, Texas where he started his real estate journey with the purchase of Ashford Willow Falls.

Throughout the process, Mr. Kumar discovered that giving back to his community was extremely fulfilling and he rebranded HK Capital to Ashford Communities, establishing community building as the company’s business model resulting in 66% resident retention (double industry average). His strategy is to implement programs, such as English classes or health camps, to promote a sense of belonging among residents, ultimately resulting in resident retention. Mr. Kumar believes strongly in continued education and focused his own academic growth by being in the Harvard OPM Class of 2015 and EMP EO Class of 2017. He is also a founding member of the CEO Group Vistage, Highest Growth 2008, 2015, and a founding member of EO Houston.

We hope that you will join us in our journey, be a part of our story, and find YOUR place to belong.