Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith
Vice President – Management
AKAM Living Services

Amanda DeHaarte Smith, Vice President of Management at AKAM Mrs. Amanda DeHaarte Smith is an experienced residential executive with over 10 years’ experience in property management. Mrs. DeHaarte Smith brings to her management assignments exceptional competencies in project management, financial management, staff management and Board/shareholder/unit owner communications.

Mrs. DeHaarte Smith began her career in property management, working for a large national company, and from there, she specialized in the management of cooperatives and condominiums. Just prior to joining AKAM, Mrs. DeHaarte Smith was the Director of Procurement and Management Operations of a New York City
based property management company. Besides managing several buildings of her own, she mentored and oversaw Property Managers throughout that organization, while overseeing the procurement process for all buildings managed by that company. In each of these positions, she cultivated exceptional strength in the areas of management and client relations.

Since joining AKAM, Mrs. DeHaarte Smith has been assembling a portfolio of select cooperatives and condominiums. For that select portfolio, Mrs. DeHaarte Smith will perform the full range of management services, including implementing maintenance and preventive maintenance programs; ensuring compliance; preparing and presenting monthly Management Reports to client Boards at regular Board meetings, and preparing for and attending all special meetings of client properties; working with client Treasurers, accountants and auditors, and the AKAM in-house Finance and Accounting Department to prepare Monthly Financial Reports;
establishing professional relationships with outside vendors, contractors, and service providers; and maintaining mutually respectful and productive relationships with client Boards, owners, and residents.

Mrs. DeHaarte Smith holds a Bachelor of Science from Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, NY, as well as an accreditation as a New York Accredited Realty Manager and a Certified Property Manager (CPM®).