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Al Nicoletti
Attorney at Law
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Al Nicoletti is a Florida Probate Attorney extraordinaire. Al has carved out a unique niche in solving simple and complex probate matters that once stalled real estate deals. He developed a strategy to structure probates so they are fast, efficient, and done right.

Al’s law practice is strongly focused on Probate, Quiet Title, Partition, Trust Administration, Mortgage Foreclosure Defense, and Real Estate Litigation. He has a no-nonsense approach and is dedicated to positive quality results. The Law Offices of Al Nicoletti clients include real estate investors, developers, agents/brokers, estate executors, heirs, and more.

In addition to managing his law practice, Al hosts a live weekly podcast, is an educational speaker, and content creator. Al enjoys traveling nationwide to speak at real estate investor association meetings, boot camps, and masterminds to educate audiences on the potential of probate real estate.

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Phone: 904-999-0053

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Podcast: The Al Nicoletti Show
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