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Join us on November 13, 2020 in Austin for the 6th annual Texas Multifamily Summit to connect with capital sources and other multifamily owners, developers and investors active across all key Texas markets. The keynote speakers are the Honorable Henry Cisneros and Steve Oden, Partner at Oden Hughes.

Cisneros is a former four-term mayor of San Antonio, former HUD secretary and former co-founder and chairman of CityView, a Los Angeles-based fund manager which invested in and built over 100 multifamily projects totalling $5 billion in assets. He’s currently pursuing new ventures in major infrastructure projects in Texas as well as across the nation.

Steve Oden is the co-founder of Oden Hughes, which is one of the most prominent development and construction firms specializing in Class A multifamily communities in Texas. 

This year’s conference is divided into two parts: the first half of the morning for principals only, followed by the main conference for all registrants. 

Principal-Only Registration

This gives you access to the full day from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, including the principal-only content in the first half of the morning. Principal-Only Registrations are restricted to executives who actively manage or are employed at organizations that own, operate, invest in or develop real estate. Service providers, including lenders, brokers, attorneys, accountants, architects and others do not qualify for the Principal-Only Registration. If you are not certain if you qualify, please contact Scott Milliken at ( .

Main Conference Registration

This gives you access to the full day from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm, excluding the principal-only content in the first half of the morning. Main Conference Registrations are open to both principals and service providers.

Select service providers may access the principal-only portion through support and sponsorship of the conference. For details, contact Amber Collins at ( .

2020 Agenda

Note 7:30 am to 10:30 am is restricted to real estate principals and select sponsors

Principal-Only Schedule:

7:30 AM

Arrival & Check-In [Principals Only]

8:00 AM

Breakfast & Networking [Principals Only]

8:30 AM

Market Data Presentation [Principals Only]

9:00 AM

Meet the Money: Direct Connections to Active Equity Capital Sources for Multifamily Deals [Principals Only]

9:45 AM

Interactive Structured Networking Session [Principals Only]

Main Conference Begins:

10:30 AM

Networking, Arrival & Check In

11:05 AM

Keynote: Henry Cisneros, Tri-Chair of ConnectSA, former Mayor of San Antonio & HUD Secretary

11:40 AM

ROUNDTABLE: Closed-Door Multifamily Operators Roundtable Starts [Limited Seats — Separate Registration Required]

11:40 AM

Texas Multifamily Big Picture: Investment & Development Strategies for Today’s Market

12:35 PM

Multifamily Capital Markets: Debt & Equity Sources, Activity, Terms & Structuring

1:10 PM

Networking Lunch Begins

1:20 PM

Lunch Workshop: Top 5 Strategies You Need to Know about Recent Tax Policy Updates to Save Big

1:55 PM

ROUNDTABLE: Closed-Door Multifamily Developers Roundtable Starts [Limited Seats — Separate Registration Required]

1:55 PM

A Tight Ship: Innovation & Best Practices in Property Management & Operations

2:40 PM

Diamonds in the Rough: Value Add Acquisition, Renovation & Management Strategies for a Picked-Over Market

3:20 PM

Networking Reception

4:20 PM

Conference Concludes

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Samantha Williams
Event Director

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