Deal Structuring Masterclass: How Deal Terms between Capital & Operating Partners are Evolving
Thursday, April 8

Deal terms whether they are at the fund level or the asset level are often the manifestation of the perceived power balance between the various parties in the transaction. Having a lot of cash to work with can give you a lot of power, but not necessarily when you have to put it to work quickly and frequently. Institutions are often willing to accept lower returns in exchange for lower risk and the ability to put that capital to work as soon as it comes in. At the asset level, how the terms between GP and LP play out depend a lot on what options each has. Getting the returns you want or need are as much from the deal terms as they are from the performance of the underlying assets. This panel addresses how power is shifting today due to market forces, the abundance of dry powder, availability of deals, investment alternatives and industry consolidation.


  • Anton Natsis, Partner, Allen Matkins


  • Evan Kinne, Senior Vice President, George Smith Partners
  • Chris Reilly, Managing Partner – Investments, Brookfield
  • Dan Rosenbloom, Managing Director – Investments, Cadre
  • John Tsui, Managing Principal, Peninsula House
  • Careina Williams, Principal, Sundance Bay

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Samantha Williams
Event Director

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