Chasing Yield: Contrarian, Distressed and Overlooked Opportunities by Asset Type & Geography
Wednesday, April 7

The pandemic has no doubt created distress for some: whether it’s a luxury urban apartment building where lease up has stalled halfway through, a hotel property failing to make its debt service payments from operations or an owner who needs to sell off performing assets to save the rest of an underperforming portfolio. With the exception of hotels and perhaps to some degree retail, distressed opportunities are not necessarily emerging in huge numbers, but contrarian and overlooked high yield acquisitions exist and in much larger numbers than a year ago. Under which rocks are nimble capital partners looking to find these deals? Which operators are they working with to take advantage of the current situation? What do the deal terms look like?


  • Lawrence Selevan, Chief Executive Officer, Chesterfield Faring

Interviewed by:

  • Richard Banjo, Managing Principal, Artemis
  • David Butler, Managing Partner, Argosy Real Estate Partners
  • Todd Liker, Managing Director & Co-Portfolio Manager, Oaktree Capital
  • Robin Potts, Co-Head – Real Estate Investments, Canyon Partners Real Estate

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Samantha Williams
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