Election: Multifamily Regulations and What You Can Do About Them

Multifamily Regulations and What You Can Do About Them
Thursday, September 17

Remember 2019 and how the legislature somehow got rent control passed despite it being shot down by the voters of California? Remember what a terrible time that seemed? Welcome to the dystopian future where public health crises, eviction moratoriums and rent strikes are the new normal. Join this special session to hear the latest on the regulatory environment in a mid-pandemic world and how this will likely play out once the public health crisis has passed. What are the governor, the state legislatures, and the local mayors and councils doing, and how will it affect your multifamily business? Specifically, what is involved in Prop 21 and how do we defeat it?

  • Understand what current regulations are in force and how they affect multifamily
  • Learn the status of the court system and how this will impact landlord-tenant cases
  • Get the latest on rent default strategies and how to handle disputes
  • Hear how rent control plays into the current situation and how/where it will go into effect
  • Receive analysis on how the regulatory environment impacts valuations
  • Hear what top apartment property owners are doing and planning
  • Get the updates on Prop 21 and the effort to defeat it
  • Engage in a special Q&A with panelists to get answers to your questions


  • John S. Sebree, SVP – Multifamily Division, Marcus & Millichap


  • Barry Altshuler, EVP – Investments, Equity Residential
  • Debra Carlton, EVP – Government Affairs, California Apartment Association
  • Paula Cino, VP – Development & Land Use Policy, NMHC
  • Jackie Safier, CEO, Prometheus Real Estate Group

>> To receive a copy of the presentation, please contact Lillie Schneider at LSchneider@caanet.org.

>> To support the NO on Prop 21 cause, please go to noonprop21.vote and donate now.

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Samantha Williams
Event Director

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