Big Time: Apartment Construction & Design Pandemic-Driven Challenges and Solutions

Big Time: Apartment Construction & Design Pandemic-Driven Challenges and Solutions
September 18, 2020

The COVID crisis has driven an enormous number of changes in the short term, but how many of these changes will become permanent? In the near term, construction projects have been greatly affected but not always for the worse, with increased availability of contractors and workers to get the job done. In the long term, developers and re-developers are rethinking how properties should be designed, as well as what unit mix makes sense in light of social distancing and increased work-from-home tenants.

  • How have construction projects that are underway been affected by the crisis?
  • What is the impact upon projects that are in the pipeline but not yet started?
  • How are developers and designers rethinking the unit mix of future properties?
  • How are interiors being re-considered? What features are suddenly more attractive?
  • How is the overall layout of amenities and common spaces being rethought?
  • What materials are safer to prevent transmission of viruses and other pathogens?
  • What will the long term consequences to the construction and design industries be?


  • Debbie McCall, Partner, Seiler


  • Sebastian Cohn, Energy Analyst, Association for Energy Affordability
  • Thomas Cox, Founder & CEO, TCA Architects
  • Dave Hopkins, COO – Residential Development, Sares Regis Northern California
  • Doug McDonald, COO, SummerHill Apartment Communities
  • Ann Silverberg, CEO, Related California Affordable, Northern California

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Samantha Williams
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