This Year’s Conference has been transformed into an online conference format.
The In-Person Conference has been postponed to 2021.

Join the Texas Multifamily Summit in a re-imagined, all-digital, online conference format. Spanning three days from December 1 through December 3, the conference has been organized in brief, easy-to-consume portions to minimize disruption to your work and personal life. Join live to interact directly with speakers through the Q&A feature, or view the recordings on your own time. Either way, don’t miss the group networking discussions that will allow you to connect with your peers directly to forge new connections and re-establish existing relationships.

Join us on December 10, 2020 in Austin for the 6th annual Texas Multifamily Summit to connect with capital sources and other multifamily owners, developers and investors active across all key Texas markets. The keynote speakers are the Honorable Henry Cisneros and Steve Oden, Partner at Oden Hughes.

Cisneros is a former four-term mayor of San Antonio, former HUD secretary and former co-founder and chairman of CityView, a Los Angeles-based fund manager which invested in and built over 100 multifamily projects totalling $5 billion in assets. He’s currently pursuing new ventures in major infrastructure projects in Texas as well as across the nation.

Steve Oden is the co-founder of Oden Hughes, which is one of the most prominent development and construction firms specializing in Class A multifamily communities in Texas. 

This year’s conference is divided into two parts: the first half of the morning for principals only, followed by the main conference for all registrants. Please click below for registration information.

Attendee Stats

Conference Scope

The conference is held in Austin, but the scope of property and opportunities under discussion is all of Texas. The main property types addressed are multifamily rentals both new and existing, for sale condo developments and for sale single family master plan developments.

Keynote Speakers

Henry Cisneros

The Honorable
Henry Cisneros

Steve Oden

Steve Oden
Oden Hughes

2020 Speakers

Mike Altman

Mike Altman
Chief Investment Officer

Ben Collins

Ben Collins
Sr. Managing Director – West Region
Crescent Communities

James DArgenio

James D’Argenio
Senior Principal – Acquisitions
Bascom Group

Scott Ferguson

Scott Ferguson
Senior Vice President
Waterton Residential

Tim Haskin

Tim Haskin
Partner & Senior Managing Director
AECOM Capital

Sam Isaacson

Sam Isaacson
Managing Director
JCR Capital

John Kiltz

John Kiltz
Managing Director
Stonelake Capital Partners

John Kirk

John Kirk
Managing Director – Development

Tom McDaniel

Tom McDaniel
SVP – Texas
Fairfield Residential

JP Newman

JP Newman
Principal & CEO
Thrive FP

Alan Patton

Alan Patton
Morgan Group

Robin Potts

Robin Potts
Co-Head – Real Estate Investments
Canyon Partners Real Estate

Gardner Rees

Gardner Rees
Senior Managing Director

Eric Schrumpf

Eric Schrumpf
Managing Director & Head of Equity Investments
Berkshire Residential Investments

Greg West

Greg West
Chief Executive Officer

Michael D'Onofrio

Mike D’Onofrio
Managing Director
Engineered Tax Services

Doug Esteves

Doug Esteves
Senior Loan Originator
Parkview Financial

Angelique Goodnough

Angelique Goodnough
Executive Vice President
Roscoe Property Management

Jeff Rosenfeld

Jeff Rosenfeld
Adivo Construction

2020 Speakers

  • Mike Altman, Chief Investment Officer, Cortland
  • Ben Collins, Sr. Managing Director – West Region, Crescent Communities
  • James D’Argenio, Senior Principal – Acquisitions, Bascom Group
  • Scott Ferguson, Senior Vice President, Waterton Residential
  • Tim Haskin, Partner & Senior Managing Director, AECOM Capital
  • Sam Isaacson, Managing Director, JCR Capital
  • John Kiltz, Managing Partner, Stonelake Capital Partners
  • John Kirk, Managing Director – Development, Embrey
  • Tom McDaniel, SVP – Texas, Fairfield Residential
  • JP Newman, Principal & CEO, Thrive FP
  • Alan Patton, President, Morgan Group
  • Robin Potts, Co-Head – Real Estate Investments, Canyon Partners Real Estate
  • Gardner Rees, Senior Managing Director, Greystar
  • Eric Schrumpf, Managing Director & Head of Equity Investments, Berkshire Residential Investments
  • Greg West, Chief Executive Officer, ZOM
  • Mike D’Onofrio, Managing Director, Engineered Tax Services
  • Doug Esteves, Senior Loan Originator, Parkview Financial
  • Angelique Goodnough, Executive Vice President, Roscoe Property Management
  • Jeff Rosenfeld, EVP & CBDO, Adivo Construction

Who Attends (partial list):

Attendees are mostly owners, operators, managers, investors in and developers of multifamily and/or residential condo real estate.

  • AIG Global Real Estate Investment
  • Alliance Residential Company
  • AMLI Residential
  • Aspen Heights
  • AVI Homes
  • Barings
  • Bonner Carrington
  • Castle Lanterra Properties
  • Casoro Group
  • CFH Investment Partners
  • Christopher Investments
  • Civitas Capital
  • Clear Property Management
  • Cortland
  • DMA Companies
  • Embrey Partners
  • Endeavor Real Estate Group
  • F&B Capital
  • FourPoint Investments
  • Freddie Mac
  • Gables Residential
  • Genesis Real Estate Group
  • Grandbridge Real Estate Capital
  • Greystar
  • Griffis Residential
  • Hamilton Zanze
  • Hanover Company
  • Harris Properties
  • Internacional Realty
  • InvestRes
  • JMJ Development
  • Keller Property Company
  • Koontz Corporation
  • LDG Development
  • Ledcor Properties
  • Legacy MCS
  • LivCor
  • LMI Capital
  • Merge Management
  • Mid America Apartments
  • Mission Rock Residential
  • Morgan Group
  • Nehemiah Company
  • Nitneil Partners
  • Pensam Capital
  • Praxis Capital
  • Presario Ventures
  • Presidium Group
  • REEP Equity
  • Stellar Family of Companies
  • Stream Realty Partners
  • Tarantino Properties
  • Thrive, FP
  • Trammell Crow Residential
  • Tzadik Management
  • Wood Partners

2020 Agenda

Note 7:30 am to 10:30 am is restricted to real estate principals and select sponsors

Principal-Only Schedule:

7:30 AM

Arrival & Check-In begins [Principals Only]

8:00 AM

Networking Breakfast [Principals Only]

The real magic happens in the hallways and networking areas of the conference. Reconnect with colleagues, make new connections while enjoying hearty and healthy breakfast options.

8:30 AM

Market Data Presentation [Principals Only]

Get fresh, up-to-the-minute data from Texas Multifamily industry on a market-by-market basis, including labor, rent and development trends. Identify underserved markets as well as those where oversupply may threaten rent growth. Compare rental rate trends by geography and class, as well as demographic shifts that are poised to create either challenges or opportunities in the coming years.

9:00 AM

Meet the Money: Direct Connections to Active Equity Capital Sources for Multifamily Deals [Principals Only]

Six active multifamily equity sources from across the country sit down to provide a candid, off-the-record look at what is getting their attention and their dollars. Learn who is investing, what they are investing in and on what terms. Connect with these sources during the structured networking to open doors for financing your next deal or starting a programmatic relationship.

9:45 AM

Interactive Structured Networking Session [Principals Only]

Looking for capital active to deploy in your next deal? Looking for operating partners with a solid track record? Looking for partners to JV with? Join this special structured interactive networking session to allow you to connect briefly one-on-one with up to 20 multifamily capital and/or operating partners in 45 minutes. Open doors, meet new contacts, re-engage and set the stage for future connections.

Main Conference Begins:

10:30 AM

Networking, Arrival & Check In

The real magic happens in the hallways and networking areas of the conference. Reconnect with colleagues, make new connections while enjoying a refreshing beverage and nourishing snacks.

11:00 AM

Opening Remarks

11:05 AM

Keynote Fireside Chat with the Honorable Henry Cisneros

Cisneros is a former four-term mayor of San Antonio, former HUD secretary and former co-founder and chairman of CityView, a fund manager which has invested in and built over 100 multifamily projects totalling more than $5 billion in assets. He’s currently pursuing new ventures in major infrastructure projects in Texas as well as across the nation that can impact your investments and developments.

11:40 AM

Diamonds in the Rough: Value Add Acquisition, Renovation & Management Strategies for a Picked-Over Market

National multifamily investors continue to be bullish on Texas, a region that has been generally been seeing both low vacancy rates and steadily rising rental rates. The result is a very competitive market that has been somewhat picked over. While Texas hasn’t been faced with rent regulation like other major markets across the country, investors are particularly concerned about how the region will be impacted by changes in trade as well as politics. Taxes, supply and the state of the oil market also weigh on investors’ minds when acquiring properties in Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.

  • Learn which key Texas markets will see the greatest ROI for Class C rentals in the coming year
  • Discover which suburban markets across the state will outperform urban multifamily in acquisitions
  • Discuss which underwriting assumptions should you be working with
  • Evaluate various options for retrofitting older properties with newer technologies
  • Find out new value add strategies that go beyond renovation and capital projects
  • Stay ahead of the pack in the midst of rising renovation and labor costs

11:40 AM

Closed-Door Multifamily Operators Roundtable begins

This 90-minute closed-door roundtable brings together select multifamily owners, operators and managers for a candid and off-the-record, affording an opportunity to get the real scoop from your peers. Participation is limited to 20. Separate registration is required. Contact us for details.

12:35 PM

Multifamily Capital Markets: Debt & Equity Sources, Activity, Terms & Structuring

Despite high seller pricing and high competition in Texas markets, there remains plentiful equity and debt capital for new deals. With low interest rates and a bumpy stock market, both institutional investors and private capital sources are actively investing in multifamily acquisitions and development in Texas. However, not all deals fit neatly into the buckets of large volume players, and these deals often require non-traditional capital solutions to bridge the gaps in their capital stacks. Where are Texas multifamily owners and developers turning to for capital today?

  • Meet equity investors and lenders currently active across key Texas markets
  • Learn which Texas markets and market factors are top of mind for equity providers
  • Discover strategies for getting deals done quickly
  • Source international equity and learn which fundamentals are at the top of their list
  • Hear what multifamily lenders are thinking and the outlook for future financing
  • Plan for both your pre-election and post-election capital strategies

1:10 PM

Networking Lunch Begins

The real magic happens in the hallways and networking areas of the conference. Reconnect with colleagues, make new connections while enjoying a delicious lunch.

1:20 PM

Lunch Workshop: Top 5 Strategies You Need to Know about Recent Tax Policy Updates to Save Big

2019 was the year of the Opportunity Zone, but the opportunity is anything but over. How can you still take advantage of this unprecedented tax policy and what other ways can you use tax laws to improve the financial performance of your real estate?

1:55 PM

Closed-Door Multifamily Developers Roundtable begins

This 90-minute closed-door roundtable brings together select multifamily developers and investors for a candid and off-the-record, affording an opportunity to get the real scoop from your peers. Participation is limited to 20. Separate registration is required. Contact us for details.

1:55 PM

Innovation & Strategic Initiatives: Property Management, Operations & Ancillary Revenue

Texas multifamily owners and operators continue to face similar challenges to those in other markets across the country. Finding and retaining talent remains a top struggle particularly on the maintenance side. Keeping up with and balancing the latest smart technologies with personal customer service, along with implementing package service solutions continue to keep the pressure on. All the while, property owners are looking for innovative strategies to keep costs down and tap into new revenue streams.

  • Boost your recruitment and retainment initiatives to the next level
  • Learn how to create ancillary income and value worth paying for
  • Evaluate the latest in multifamily PropTech in order to remain competitive
  • Stay ahead of the curve on package management trends such as new and improved security systems and recycling programs
  • Get inside the mind of the latest generation of renters and understand what first-class service means to them

2:40 PM

Texas Multifamily & the Way Forward: Investment & Development Strategies for Today’s Market

The Texas Triangle comprises some of the fastest growing cities in the US, leading the nation in population growth and job growth. Multifamily inventory in many markets across the state is struggling to keep up with demand, creating expanding opportunities for developers and investors from across the region and the nation. But while Texas is known for being comparatively low-cost, investors are faced with high real estate taxes, ever-increasing costs, and numerous competitors. Additionally, the country’s uncertain political climate has many industry leaders scrambling to get deals done before Q4.

  • Learn which Texas fundamentals are attracting investors and developers from across the nation
  • Prepare for the potential impact of the upcoming election on the Texas economy and multifamily specifically
  • Understand how to navigate property tax increases in cities and counties across the state
  • Compare and contrast supply and demand trends across the Texas Triangle
  • Examine how suburban opportunities fare vs. urban infill, and which Texas suburbs look most promising in terms of returns and rent growth

3:25 PM

Keynote Fireside Chat with Steve Oden, Partner, Oden Hughes

3:55 PM

Closing Remarks

4:00 PM

Networking Reception

The real magic happens in the hallways and networking areas of the conference. Reconnect with colleagues, make new connections while enjoying a glass of wine and hors d’oeuvres.
Non-alcoholic options available.

Who Sponsors

Sponsors of the RealInsight Texas Multifamily Summit are typically industry vendors, service providers, and many others looking to secure new business from medium to large sized multifamily portfolios.

Adivo Construction
Comm Fit
Gemstar Construction
Heritage Title
Juniper Square
Madison Title Agency
Mark Hart Architecture
Parkview Financial
Westfalia Parking

2020 Sponsors

For sponsorship information, contact Amber Collins at

Adivo Construction
Juniper Square
Parkview Financial

What people are saying:

The event exceeded my expectations! It was well organized, relevant general session topics and the round table was fantastic!

Kristin Stanton, SVP – Operations, Bell Partners

The event was well managed and organized. I especially enjoyed the opening keynote interview. I enjoyed our panel’s discussion and was pleased to be there with them.

Mark Culwell, Regional Partner – Development, Transwestern

Your team did a great job organizing the event, and I thought the turnout was great.

Casey Bump, President, Bonner Carrington

I was able to come away with some specific recommendations and hope to see improved performance in the future.

Jonathan Tucker, EVP – Operations, Cortland

I thought the event went great – good discussions with the panels and a solid networking opportunity.

Chris Potavin, SVP – Acquisitions, LEM Capital

I enjoyed the event and especially enjoyed the roundtable participation. I appreciate you including me and look forward to the next event.

Kylee Lambert, SVP – West, MAA

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