Global pandemic, massive unemployment, nationwide social unrest. 2020’s free trial period has expired, and we are stuck with this lemon. How do we make lemonade out of it?

Join the Marcus & Millichap Multifamily Forum Southeast: Online Conference in a re-imagined, all-digital, online conference format. Spanning ten days from July 7 through July 16, the conference has been organized in brief, easy-to-consume portions to minimize disruption to your work and personal life. Join live to interact directly with speakers through the Q&A feature, or view the recordings on your own time. Either way, don’t miss the group networking discussions that will allow you to connect with your peers directly to forge new connections and re-establish existing relationships.

Reasons to attend:

  • Find out what top multifamily owners, managers, developers and investors are thinking and doing in the Southeast markets
  • Get the latest information on equity and debt financing for multifamily properties
  • Learn how the pandemic has affected your peers’ business and what they are doing about it
  • Pool your ideas on reopening plans and social amenity usage best practices
  • Discover the current thinking regarding future distressed buying opportunities
  • Explore how multifamily value add rehab is changing in light of the public health crisis
  • Identify new technology that is now suddenly more useful and relevant
  • Connect directly through one or more of the group networking discussions or the happy hour

What You Get:

  • 5 panels organized on different days to minimize the disruption to your schedule
  • Links to recordings of each panel to allow you to view when you like
  • Access to online group networking discussions (sessions are limited in size)
  • Access to the online group happy hour (limited in size, first come first serve)

The Marcus & Millichap Multifamily Online Conference: Southeast concluded on July 16, 2020. Feel free to view recordings of sessions. Use the form below to get access.

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Southeast Multifamily Online Conference 2020 Agenda

July 7 – July 16, 2020

Schedule of Online Sessions

Week One

Tuesday, July 7

Tuesday, July 7
1:00 PM ET – 2:00 PM ET

Survival Kit: The Outlook for the Southeast Apartments Market

We are in unprecedented times. The state of the market 12 months ago seems like a bygone era. Last year, the Southeast was responsible for the majority of national job growth. In 2020, we are faced with a global pandemic, social unrest and massive unemployment. And yet, reopenings are in full swing across the region. Developers are itching to get their pipelines restarted, while investors sit on the sidelines with piles of cash waiting to see how things will play out. How are these factors impacting the apartment industry across the Southeast?

  • How have rental rates, rent payments and occupancy held up since March?
  • How is unemployment affecting the outlook for the apartment industry in the Southeast?
  • Which metro areas across the region are suddenly more attractive in light of the pandemic?
  • Where is development restarting and what can we expect in light of reopenings?
  • How has the current situation affected construction costs, availability and timelines?
  • In what ways has the pandemic created new opportunities for distressed deals and projects?


  • John Leonard, FVP & Regional Manager – Atlanta Marcus & Millichap


  • Johnson Bazzel, Senior Partner, Middle Street Partners
  • Michael Bippus, Managing Director, Waypoint Residential
  • Chris Boone, Associate Principal, Lessard Design
  • Kory Geans, Chief Investment Officer, Middleburg Communities

Daily: July 7 – July 16
2:15 PM ET – 2:45 PM ET

Group Networking / Table Topics

GreenPearl is organizing a number of group networking functions around specific topics and speakers. These 30-minute sessions will be held online via group video chat throughout the 10-day program, and each session will be limited in attendance to allow for a productive experience.

Details of which topics will be held when will be decided on July 3rd based on preferences expressed when you register. Let us know which topics interest you, and we will slot you into the appropriate session. Attendance is limited, and we cannot promise that everyone will get a spot, although we will give it our best to do so.

Topics currently under consideration are:

  • Meet the Speakers
  • Rental Rates, Payments & Vacancy Problems
  • Refinancing & Borrowing Challenges
  • Staff and Resident Safety amid COVID
  • Touch-less Technology and Remote Management
  • Acquisitions & Equity Investment Headaches
  • Development & Construction Dispute Handling
  • Future Demand: Suburban vs Urban
  • Construction Costs, Labor & Materials
  • Deal Syndication & Fundraising
  • Distressed Investing Outlook
  • Reopening Plans & Amenity Usage
  • Value-Add Business Plan Changes
  • Multifamily in the Carolinas

Additional ideas can be submitted in the registration form. Contact Samantha Williams at with any questions or suggestions.

Wednesday, July 8

Wednesday, July 8
8:30 AM ET – 10:00 AM ET

Private Roundtable for Multifamily Operations Leaders

This 90-minute online session is exclusive to multifamily operations leaders. Participants thus far include operations leaders from Atlantic Pacific Companies, CastleGate Property Group, Greystar, Lincoln Property Company, LIV Development, MACC Capital Equity Fund, Phoenix Residential Group, Pinnacle, Preferred Apartment Communities and Radius Properties.

This is an invite-only session. Contact Samantha Williams at if you are interested in participating.

Wednesday, July 8
1:00 PM ET – 2:00 PM ET

Get More Now: New Tax Credit & Incremental Ancillary Income Opportunities Workshop

  • Get the “Masterclass Playbook” on implementing enhanced Stimulus Plan offerings now
  • Learn how to maximize bonus depreciation, NOL carryback, immediate refunds and cash flow generators
  • Discover how you can monetize your apartment property rooftops with the 5G cell site installations


  • Michael D’Onofrio, Managing Director, Engineered Tax Services

Wednesday, July 8
2:15 PM ET – 2:45 PM ET

Group Networking / Table Topics

See registration form or description above for list of topics.

Thursday, July 9

Thursday, July 9
1:00 PM ET – 2:00 PM ET

Next Stage: Multifamily Development, Construction & Design across the Southeast

The COVID crisis has slowed down the development pipeline and permitting for many organizations, allowing projects underway to catch up on the workload. Fortunately, construction has been deemed an essential service, and in some cases, new areas of cost savings have started to emerge. However, the slow down in the pre-development flow doesn’t help a market where there was already a gap between supply and demand. How are developers, designers and construction executives changing how they do their work today?

  • How has the pandemic and resulting unemployment rate affected development plans going forward?
  • What impact has the crisis had on construction projects, labor and costs?
  • How is materials sourcing changing in light of the current situation?
  • How will we design projects differently post-COVID?
  • What will it take to get the development pipeline flowing normally again?
  • What new opportunities have emerged from the crisis?


  • Jody McKibben, VP & Regional Manager – Nashville, Marcus & Millichap


  • Melissa Spaeth Banko, Principal & Owner, Banko Design
  • Brendan Barr, Managing Partner, OneStreet Residential
  • Fred Kay, SVP – Development, StreetLights Residential
  • Clay Landers, Chief Construction Officer, Cortland
  • Katherine Mosley, Principal – Development, TriBridge Residential

Thursday, July 9
2:15 PM ET – 2:45 PM ET

Group Networking / Table Topics

See registration form or description above for list of topics.

Friday, July 10

Friday, July 10
2:00 PM ET – 3:00 PM ET

To the Rescue: Property Management Innovation in a Time of Crisis

With Georgia and other states across the Southeast beginning to re-open, multifamily operators are moving to the next stage of managing properties amid the Coronavirus pandemic. New plans and action steps are emerging, and this session seeks to bring to the surface what multifamily operators are seeing and doing at this time, as well as how technology and innovation can be used to solve specific pain points:

  • Rent collections and economically vacant / physically occupied units
  • Occupancy and leasing trends, activity and strategies to minimize vacancy
  • Forecasting the impact of COVID on student renters and demand this fall
  • Touch-less leasing, smart buildings and remote management tools
  • Mortgage payment forbearance opportunities and roadblocks
  • Property tax savings opportunities in light of valuation changes
  • Tactics to procure PPE and maintain a reliable pipeline of equipment
  • Putting together reopening plans for your portfolio / property


  • Ben Yelm, Regional Manager – Charleston, Marcus & Millichap


  • Lela Cirjakovic, Executive Vice President, Waterton
  • Melanie French, President – Property Management, DLP Real Estate Capital
  • Courtney Gordon, SVP – Operations, RISE
  • Jeffrey Graham, Managing Partner, The Graham Group
  • Aaron Maas, VP – Multifamily Operations, Origin Investments

Friday, July 10
4:00 PM ET – 5:00 PM ET

Southeast Multifamily Happy Hour

Bring your favorite beverage and login for a group networking function to finish up the first week. Limited to a total of 300 participants, groups of 10 will be mixed together for six periods of 10 minutes each, over the course of one hour to allow you to make new connections and re-establish relationships. Connect with 50+ attendees in sixty minutes.

Week Two:

Tuesday, July 14

Tuesday, July 14
2:15 PM ET – 2:45 PM ET

Group Networking / Table Topics

See registration form or description above for list of topics.

Wednesday, July 15

Wednesday, July 15
8:30 AM ‐ 10:00 AM ET

Private Roundtable for Multifamily Development Leaders

This 90-minute online session is exclusive to multifamily development leaders. Participants thus far include operations leaders from Beach Company, Bristol Development Group, Crescent Communities, Crown Holdings, Daniel Corporation, Fairfield Residential, Hathaway Development, Lennar Multifamily, Preferred Apartment Communities and Southeast Capital Companies.

This is an invite-only session. Contact Samantha Williams at, if you are interested in participating.

Wednesday, July 15
1:00 PM ET – 2:00 PM ET

New Reality: Capital Markets for Multifamily Deals in the Southeast

In the spring, the pandemic derailed most deals, with only the most motivated of sellers proceeding to close. Meanwhile, equity sources largely pulled back waiting to see how the pandemic, unemployment and reopenings will affect rent payments, rent levels and occupancy rates, among other key metrics. Now that we’ve seen that rent collections are much better than feared, buyers are re-entering the market, driving new deals forward, some at discounts and some at or above pre-COVID prices. Lenders as well are starting to re-engage at acceptable LTVs. What’s next for multifamily capital markets, and will there be special opportunities created by the pandemic? Join this special online panel to learn more about the state of capital markets, both debt and equity for multifamily deals across the Southeast.

  • How have deal terms and underwriting changed due to the pandemic?
  • How are banks and other lenders adjusting their LTVs and covenants?
  • Which equity investors are actively investing in deals right now?
  • Which types of deals have fallen out of favor and which are on the rise?
  • What unique opportunities has the current situation created for equity investors?


  • Richard Katzenstein, SVP & National Director, Marcus & Millichap Capital Corporation


  • Tony Azar, Chief Executive Officer, MACC Capital Equity Fund
  • Ben Colonomos, Principal, PointOne Holdings
  • Larry Perry, VP – Loan Originations, Parkview Financial
  • Eric Silverman, Founder & Managing Director, Eastham Capital

Wednesday, July 15
2:15 PM ET – 2:45 PM ET

Group Networking / Table Topics

See registration form or description above for list of topics.

Thursday, July 16

Thursday, July 16
1:00 PM ET – 2:00 PM ET

Everything Has Changed: Adapting Value-Add Strategies

Class C properties have been hit hardest by unemployment and non-payment of rent, while Class A properties have thus far been unscathed, although a prolonged period of economic depression could change that. The typical Value-Add strategy involves buying up B and C properties and upgrading them, if not to Class A, at least to a higher quality product that attracts higher paying tenants. How has the pandemic changed all that, and what is the outlook for the value-add rehab model?

  • How are the buyers finding and funding new deals in the Southeast today?
  • In what ways has the risk profile of acquiring workforce properties changed?
  • How has the pandemic affected value-add construction projects?
  • Will we see a wave of distressed selling and, if so, how big will it be?
  • To what degree are buyers demanding and getting COVID-related discounts and concessions, such as income floors?
  • How has the crisis changed the rehab business plan? Are social amenities now less valued?
  • Which technologies suddenly make a lot more sense to incorporate into refurbished properties?


  • Kevin Caiaccio, Managing Attorney, Caiaccio Law Firm


  • Melanie Gersper, Chief Operating Officer, ACRE
  • Bill Ham, Chief Operating Officer, Broadwell
  • Jeffrey Simpson, Managing Partner, Arch Companies
  • Todd Williams, Chief Investment Officer, Grubb Properties

Thursday, July 16
2:15 PM ET – 2:45 PM ET

Group Networking / Table Topics

See registration form or description above for list of topics.

Conference Chair

Marcus & Millichap

Founded in 1971, Marcus & Millichap is a leading commercial real estate brokerage firm focusing exclusively on investment sales, financing, research, and advisory services, with close to 2,000 investment sales and financing professionals in over 80 offices throughout the United States and Canada. The firm has perfected a powerful property marketing system that integrates broker specialization by property type and market area; the industry’s most comprehensive investment research; a long-standing culture of information sharing; relationships with the largest pool of qualified investors; and state-of-the-art technology matching buyers and sellers. In 2018, the firm closed nearly 10,000 transactions with a sales volume of approximately $46.4 billion.

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