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Tuesday, September 14

Multifamily State of Market: National vs. Northern California

Marcus & Millichap’s Senior Vice President – Multifamily Division, John S. Sebree, will present the current state of the market, comparing and contrasting trends across Northern California with key comparable apartment markets across the country. Learn how supply and demand for apartments interplay for key cities across Northern California and the West Coast, as well as key indicators of how the pandemic is shaping demand, rents and delivery of new units.

Thursday, September 15

Trading Places: Multifamily Finance & Investment in a Changed World

In the spring, the pandemic had derailed most deals, with only the most motivated of sellers proceeding to close. Meanwhile, equity sources largely pulled back waiting to see how the pandemic, unemployment and reopenings will affect rent payments, rent levels and occupancy rates, among other key metrics. Now that we’ve seen that rent collections are much better than feared, buyers are re-entering the market, driving new deals forward, some at discounts and some at or above pre-COVID prices. Lenders as well are starting to re-engage at acceptable LTVs. What’s next for multifamily capital markets, and will there be special opportunities created by the pandemic? Join this special online panel to learn more about the state of capital markets, both debt and equity for multifamily deals across Northern California.

Wednesday, September 16

Mission Impossible: Multifamily Investment & Development Outlook in the SF Bay Area and across Northern California

We are in unprecedented times. The state of the market 12 months ago seems like a bygone era. Just a short while ago, the biggest concern was rent control. That seems like a million years ago now. In 2020, we are faced with a global pandemic, social unrest and massive unemployment. And what’s more, California’s plans to reopen have been stymied for the time being. Developers are itching to get their pipelines restarted, while investors sit on the sidelines with piles of cash waiting to see how things will play out. Further complicating matters is the general anti-development sentiment that continues in Northern California as well as the threat of Prop 21 this November. How are these factors impacting the apartment industry across Northern California?

Thursday, September 17

Election: Multifamily Regulations and What You Can Do About Them

Remember 2019 and how the legislature somehow got rent control passed despite it being shot down by the voters of California? Remember what a terrible time that seemed? Welcome to the dystopian future where public health crises, eviction moratoriums and rent strikes are the new normal. Join this special session to hear the latest on the regulatory environment in a mid-pandemic world and how this will likely play out once the public health crisis has passed. What are the governor, the state legislatures, and the local mayors and councils doing, and how will it affect your multifamily business? Specifically, what is involved in Prop 21 and how do we defeat it?

Friday, September 18

Big Time: Apartment Construction & Design Pandemic-Driven Challenges and Solutions

The COVID crisis has driven an enormous number of changes in the short term, but how many of these changes will become permanent? In the near term, construction projects have been greatly affected but not always for the worse, with increased availability of contractors and workers to get the job done. In the long term, developers and re-developers are rethinking how properties should be designed, as well as what unit mix makes sense in light of social distancing and increased work-from-home tenants.

Monday, September 21

Limitless: New Tax Credit & Incremental Ancillary Income Opportunities Workshop

  • Get the “Masterclass Playbook” on implementing enhanced Stimulus Plan offerings now
  • Learn how to maximize bonus depreciation, NOL carryback, immediate refunds and cash flow generators
  • Discover how you can monetize your apartment property rooftops with the 5G cell site installations

Tuesday, September 22

The Landlord: Property Management Technology and Innovation in a Time of Crisis

With Northern California reopening and then reversing, multifamily operators are challenged to manage their properties safely amid the Coronavirus pandemic. New plans and action steps are emerging, and this session seeks to bring to the surface what multifamily operators are seeing and doing at this time, as well as how technology and innovation can be used to solve specific pain points.

Wednesday, September 23

The Money Pit: Updated Value-Add Strategies to Rethink the Rehab Game

Class B and C properties have in many areas been hit hardest by unemployment and non-payment of rent, and with cessation of the $600 per week unemployment stimulus payment, the situation may get worse. The typical Value-Add strategy involves buying up B and C properties and upgrading them, if not to Class A, at least to a higher quality product that attracts higher paying tenants. How has the pandemic changed all that, and what is the outlook for the value-add rehab model?

Thursday, September 24

Keynote: Rob Rosania, Founder and Lead Visionary, Maximus

Rob Rosania is leading the creation of a new paradigm in urban living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Under Rob’s vision and leadership, Maximus is transforming Parkmerced into an urban eco-neighborhood of nearly 9,000 apartments over a 20-year span. Hear how the pandemic has affected Rob’s business and how he envisions the future of multifamily in a post-COVID world.

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