Property Management Technology and Innovation in a Time of Crisis
Wednesday, October 7

Editor’s note: there were some technical issues with sound at the beginning of the session, which improved as the webcast continued.

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, many nice-to-have technologies and processes have suddenly become requirements to safe operations. Remote management, smart locks, cell service boosting, contactless leasing, AI leasing associates, internet-enabled security systems, high speed WiFi, online apartment marketing have been thrust to the forefront of what operations leaders need to evaluate and implement now or in the near future. In addition, key data tools to stay on top of rents and concessions are proving invaluable to maximize rents and occupancy. What tools are leading edge firms implementing in urban and suburban environments for their properties to attract and retain high quality tenants while reducing costs and keeping everyone including staff safe?

  • What strategies are savvy landlords using to lease up new / vacant units?
  • How do operators best keep track of competitors’ concessions and rents in a rapidly changing market?
  • How can amenities access be allowed while minimizing the danger of infections?
  • What contactless technology is working well for leasing as well as management?
  • To what degree does cell reception play a role in successful leasing?
  • What does truly “Managed WiFi” in a multifamily residential building mean??
  • How has online marketing of units changed in the current market?
  • In what ways can remote monitoring and management be used to save money and increase staff safety?
  • How do you keep up with bandwidth with so many tenants working from home?
  • Which recent changes to property management are likely to be permanent?


  • Kara Rakowski, Partner, Belkin Burden Goldman


  • Melanie Domres, Managing Director – Asset Management, BentallGreenOak
  • Philip Goldfarb, Managing Principal, Goldfarb Properties
  • Ajo Kurian, Vice President, AKAM Living Services
  • Robert Morgenstern, Managing Principal, Canvas Property Group
  • Samantha Pearce, Director – Energy Management Services, Bright Power
  • Dick Sherwin, CEO, Spot On Networks

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Samantha Williams
Event Director

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