Mid-market and luxury condo development, conversions and sales
Monday, October 5

With many New Yorkers fleeing the City and a glut of luxury condos on the market, one would think that the for-sale residential market activity would be completely dead, but recent transactions, acquisitions and development plans tell a different story. Many condo developers and converters remain active, although perhaps with more conservative business plans, banking on the perennial attraction of the City. In this session, we take a deep dive into the activity, pipeline, sales data and forecasts that tell the story of where the residential condo market is today and where it’s headed.

  • How big is the shortfall between demand and supply?
  • What are the new metrics and benchmarks for pricing?
  • How are new second home tax laws likely to affect transactions and buyer interest?
  • Which neighborhoods and submarkets around the Tri-State area are doing best?
  • In what ways are condos being promoted / sold differently in today’s market?
  • How do the condo vs rental business models compare today?


  • Philip Tucker, Partner, Herrick


  • Taryn Byron, President, CJ Dalton
  • Ken Horn, President, Alchemy Properties
  • Joe McMillan, Chief Executive Officer, DDG
  • Bill Scully, Senior Managing Director, Silverback Development

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Samantha Williams
Event Director

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