Florida’s Anatomy:
Multifamily State of Market presentation

Monday, December 7

Recent economic, political, and health upheavals have rocked Florida’s multifamily market. In this session, Brad Hunter, a widely-followed Florida-based housing economist/consultant, gives his take on the events of 2020, how they impacted the apartment business, and what is likely to emerge for the industry in 2021. There are crucial differences in performance, risk, and future opportunity in different geographic markets, classes of apartments, and in urban versus suburban sites. Brad Hunter will discuss ways that some developers are adapting their buildings in order to deflect the contagion fears of would-be tenants. Household formation rates have already bounced back, so the route to success lies in capturing and retaining that demand. This presentation will spotlight some of the newest research on the multifamily markets, as well as some case studies, putting them all in context in order to help you think about your business’ risks and opportunities in the coming year.


  • Brad Hunter, President, Hunter Housing Economics

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Samantha Williams
Event Director

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